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Baptism / Christening.

Christian baptism is an important expression of faith, and step of commitment, for someone of any age.
In the case of a child, we ask parents to attend at least two Sunday services, and if possible to see a baptism at St Peter's.  We also invite parents and godparents to an occasional preparation meeting that we hold on a Sunday afternoon.  There, we explore the meaning of baptism and bringing up our children in the faith.
Baptism / Christening services are always part of the main Sunday morning service.



If you have recently celebrated getting engaged you are no doubt very eager to start wedding planning.  If you would like some ideas on how to plan your church wedding, the Church of England wedding website can provide some suggestions on how to personalise your wedding. 
You can follow this link to the Church of England wedding website.
To get married at St. Peter's church (or any Church of England Parish Church) you need a 'Qualifying Connection' with that Parish. The most obvious one is that you live there, but there are other possible Qualifying Connections. For information on what counts as a Qualifying Connection, see the Church of England wedding website using the link above.
When you are ready to set a date and arrange the service you will need to contact Linda Filer Parish Admin.07732741636


A church funeral brings to bereavement the love of God and the hope of Resurrection and eternal life. St. Peter's Church is available to all residents of the Parish.  St. Peter's Churchyard is open for the interment of ashes, and the Cemetery is open for burials.  However, lack of space means that these are only available to residents of the Parish.

We recommend that you make early contact with the local Funeral Director of your choice.
Please also feel free to contact Linda Filer Church Admin.07732741636

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