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Matthew 28:1-10

The Matthew account of the Resurrection is perhaps the lesser used of the four accounts. But the authenticity of it lies not in its similarities to the other accounts but rather it’s differences.  After all we all remember events slightly differently.
Consistent though is Mary Magdalene, she who is then to be the Apostle to the Apostles.  Matthew writes to Jewish listeners but is not afraid to make a woman the first to see the risen  Lord. But don’t get  me going on the authority I would place in a more feminine led ministry based on that fact.
What strikes me about this passage this morning is the use of a simple two letter word. Go.  Matthew uses it three times: The Angel tells the Marys to go quickly and the women hurried  away from the tomb,  afraid yet filled with joy, and RAN to tell the disciples – definitely not what would be expected of Jewish women.
They are running and obeying the angel and yet they then meet the Risen Lord. He tells them to Go too, as if they could run any faster, and tell his brothers. GO. And further more they are to tell the disciples themselves to GO.
No looking back, no review of their past mistakes, go, go and tell.
And if we were to read on the we would come to the great commission to GO and make disciples of all nations. These men and women of simple trade, these men and women of mistakes and denials. GO and make disciples of all nations, no review of past mistakes, a simple GO.
In this past week I received emails of past mistakes, but also of future service. The 90s band Oasis sang of Don’t look back in Anger.
Sandra reminded me of the woman who looked back at Sodom and turned into a pillar of salt. GO and don’t look back.
In this time of confusion, it struck me that through this medium of YouTube, possibly even more than had we met in a building, we too, with thanks to Reuben, our next generation of leader, have taken that commission to a new level. If you are listening from outside our normal fellowship then do leave us a message so we can pray for you.
The Lord’s message to the disciples was simply to GO, don’t look back. Go and tell all nations of the risen Lord.
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